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Understanding Job Adverts

Analysing and interpreting the job advert correctly is of fundamental importance in the application and interview. Incorrect deductions will cause you to miss the point and may lose you an incredible life changing opportunity.

Job Description
All adverts will tell you the name, location, website and business of the company. After this will come the description of the job. Take your time to read and understand it. Pay particular care to the skills and experience required. You need to be sure you meet or exceed the minimum requirements. You may also be able to infer other skills and attributes required so keep these in mind while applying or attending an interview.

Job Salary
There are many adverts where the salary is not stated but instead the phrases 'market rates' or 'attractive salary' are used. If the salary is very attractive it will be stated in order to attract more applicants. Sometimes and especially in the public sector the salary will be a range. Not only does this give you an edge in negotiations but also an indication of what your potential is.

Company Research
The website is crucial to understanding the values and culture of the company. The mission statement and in particular the recruitment pages will give you an insight into the kinds of skills the company looks for and whether you're a good match. It also helps you to decide if you want to work for such a company.

Knowing what the company has to say for itself such as whether its expanding or recruiting gives you an idea of possible promotion prospects.

Media Channels
The media channels used to advertise the vacancy can tell you a lot about the company and the type of person they are looking for. The more expensive the advertising the more likely they want high quality candidates or have found it difficult recruiting the right candidate in the past. Agencies are pretty much used as an introduction service although occassionally are used to conduct the first round of interviews. Many agencies are experts in finding personnel in a particular field and are thus hired accordingly.

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