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Interview Preparation

Your CV has done its job and you have an interview lined up.

To maximise your chances of being successful you need to take some time to prepare. Your CV persuaded the recruiter to call you for an interview and will continue to be used to as a prompt for both the interviewer and the person being interviewed. Make sure you know what's on it. You need to be able to talk about each and every point indepth.

After getting feedback from thousands of job seekers, and employers, we have a rare real world insight into what gets you the job and the steps you need to take to maximise your chances.

1) Appearance.
2) Requirements match.
3) Communication skills.
4) Attitude.
5) Rapport.

Be An Expert
There are always some power phrases or keywords that you'll want to slip in during the interview.

Look for these in the advert and relate them back to your previous roles. Always, always, use industry specific terminology - this shows that you're an expert with good experience.

Final Points
Don't forget dress smart - no fancy ties or dresses. Be professional. Make sure you get a good nights sleep the day before. Don't be late and ring ahead if there's a problem.

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