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Interview Questions

The longest and most critical part of an interview is the asking and answering questions.

Before The Interview
You should take time to think about the questions that will be asked before the interview. It's almost guranteed that interviewers will first ask a candidate to elaborate on their background.

Interview Formats
An interview may be one-to-one, sequential, or panel based. You should direct your answers mainly at the person who makes the decision - analyse body language and the relationship between the interviewers to detemine who this is. Sequential interviews are difficult since you're not sure which interviewer is more important !

After The Interview
The first thing you should do after the interview is review the questions asked.

Write them down - especially technical questions. This self analysis will help when going to other interviews. If you've identified a couple of mistakes then that's good because you won't repeat them next time. Eventually you'll have a perfect interview skills and a list of highly probable questions.

Follow Up
Once you've got back home or to the office think about writing a follow up letter or eMail. Try to reflect on your answers and highlight any areas which you think the interviewer will have any doubts on. Express your interest in the company and the role and explain how your skills and experience will benefit the company and your future work colleagues.

You want your name to be foremost in the recruiters mind. Being different and standing out helps the recruiter choose you over someone who was simply normal. Of course having an online Flash or HTML CV makes you unforgettable.

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