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Direct Search

You may decide to contact companies directly - this shows that you are actively searching for work and are happy to work in the company that you've sent an application to.

Applying via company websites or by sending your CV with a covering letter takes more effort than using a recruitment agency but it's a great way at getting noticed. Personnel managers hate paying commission to recruitment agencies so as long as you have the right skillset you'll have preference over an agency candidate. Above all stay motivated and disciplined.

Responding to an advert and completing application forms or submitting your details online allow you to be considered for the advertised position.

Mailing A Select Group Of Companies
Cold calling, eMailing, or even mailing as many companies as possible is another approach. Be prepared for rejections and make sure you keep meticulous records. Your chances of getting to the next stage will increase if you use a name in your correspondence. The web contains a wealth of information and spending an afternoon online and making phone calls can get you a signifcant number of leads.

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