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Recruitment Agencies

Some swear by them some swear at them!!

The Job Of An Agent
A recruitment agent works 35 hours a week looking for leads. He or she gets paid when a vacancy is filled or possibly after a 3 month probationary period. Their job is to get bottoms in seats after they've signed on the dotted line. They offer their services to employers and have a bank of candidates and several media channels through which to effectively advertise for candidates. They can handle the whole process or simply provide an introductory service and filter out any candidates which obviously don't have the skills or experience.

Using Agents
Agents know of jobs way before us and fish for new leads constantly. Be aware that some agents ( not all ) will attempt to get leads out of you - don't be upset but use this to your advantage. If you can feed them bits of information then they'll keep ringing you and you'll hopefully be on their mind when they really do have a lead !!!

Which Agent
Try to use an agent who has experience in your industry. Check out forums and review sites to see how they've handled job seekers in the past. Finding a good agent is paramount - especially one willing to fight your corner with the employer.

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