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Be calm and collected, there's no need to rush and it's always worth asking for a bit more than the amount you're willing to accept - they may give you it!

If you've gone through an agent you'll find they'll try to manage your expectations - agents are professional negotiators so be very careful. Also you may be able to get the agent to reduce their margins !!

Salary Expectations
During the interview let the person interviewing you bring up the subject. Don't talk about what your expeditures are. A salary is based on market value and not your needs or wants. Try to be vague and give a range or an approximate value if you're forced to during an interview. Only after an interview should you give a specific amounts. Always consider the whole package and not just the monetary value. If there's no flexibility on the salary maybe you can get some extras thrown into the package - maybe a bigger pension contribution or an extra couple of holidays.

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