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How to Make a CV ?

How to make a CV is a difficult question to answer. Working out how to make a CV requires a number of skills which include :-
  • Wordprocessing skills,
  • Design skills,
  • English writing skills,
  • Marketing skills

How to make a CV that can physically be sent to an employer will also require the use of a printer preferably with high quality A4 paper. The following steps will take you a long way on how to make a CV that markets your skills and experience and gets you an interview.

1) Determine the format of your CV. Check industry standards.

2) Create the design of your CV using a word processor.

3) Add in relevant information using English writing skills.

4) Revise and ensure that everything is grammatically correct.

5) You're ready to print or eMail !
How to make your CV is not an easy question to answer since it not only depends on your experience and skill, but also on the industry and specific job been applied for. With some determination and a considerable amount of time you can create a relatively well formatted CV. Be prepared to refine your CV and expect some rejections before you create a version which consistently get's you interviews !

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