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Using Free CV Templates ?

There are tons of resources for job seekers scattered all over the internet. Knowing which ones are useful and knowing which ones will distract you from your ultimate aim of getting a job is essential.

There are hundreds if not thousands of free CV templates. These CV Templates are normally created in Word and you're giving the impression that it's an easy job filling out.

Most jobseekers don't understand the disadvantage they're putting themselves at and the life changing opportunities they'll miss because of using an unprofessional solution designed by a website developer rather than someone with real life experience.

There are several problems with this using these freebees:-
  • Rarely designed by professionals,
  • Missing essential sections,

  • Misnamed headings,
  • Problems with alignment

Using a Free CV Template is rarely the best course of action. You're almost certain to have a much lower interview call rate because of using one and will end up wasting valuable job search time !!

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