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Why Write A CV

In this new age of technology with multimedia and the internet many are predicting the end of the traditional two-page CV. The only truth in this is instead of receiving two physical pieces of paper many employers are becoming more accustomed to an email with an attached Word document and then printing the CV only if it appeals to them.

The CV is and probably will remain, for a long time, the option of choice for employers; finding a future employee using Big Brother, the Apprentice or any other talent show isn't really possible for every vacancy that comes up.

You need to write a CV to show off your talents and tell your professional story (yes I said story) the way you want. The story needs to be captivating and intriguing enough to get the reader to want you for an interview. You'll definitely get the the phone ringing if you entice the user to want to know more about you.

On a CV you have the flexibility to control what you expose and emphasise from your past. When you write a CV you don't need to tell the reader you left your previous job because of an argument with your boss and you can even hide gaps in work with professional development or volunteer work.

Write a CV like a marketing document that is selling you for the role - only relevant experiences need to be included with career goals that are in line with the opportunity offered. Irrelevant jobs and experiences or uncomplimentary aspects of your career can be left out. Your CV can be amended for each application to maximise your chances of being called for an interview.

Just like a marketing document highlight your unique selling points - what value do you give your future employer? Include supporting evidence and communicate your strengths and relevant achievements to help the reader come to the conclusion you want. After glancing, not reading, the reader should know why you're different - what makes you stand out? Make sure you write a CV with this in mind.

The great thing about a CV is you have complete freedom in the layout but don't forget to ensure it's professional and properly formatted. You may need to learn some advanced Word skills to get things just right but the impression it gives to the reader is amazing - recruiters want to see attention to detail. Alternatively get a CV template or use a generator and receive a perfectly formatted CV layout without hassle. Then all you need to do is concentrate on the content instead of learning Word when you write a CV.

And finally the great thing about a CV is it doubles up as an agenda for the interview and helps you remember the best and most relevant points in your career. It's worth talking through all your accomplishments on your CV before an interview to ensure you have all bases covered - you'll regret it if you don't. Aim for perfection when you write a CV and you'll find it was worth your effort.

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