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Why Use a Professional CV Writer to Make a CV?

Over my career spanning more than 15 years in recruitment and five writing CVs, the majority of CVs I’ve seen have been extremely weak in both presentation and content.

Not only do job seekers need to choose their words carefully but they also need to present them in a well formatted document using typical conventions for their industry. It’s pointless using a creative CV supported by an online version if you’re applying for jobs as a doctor or solicitor !

Now using a CV Writer is one way to rid yourself of the stress but you do run the risk of paying for something which is really not as unique as you thought. Many of these Cv writers simply cut and paste from previously created CVs and don’t really understand how to sell your skills in the best light. Now I wouldn’t want to pay for a service like that.

Most job seekers understand their industry much better than the CV writer so it only makes sense they have the first stab at writing the content themselves. Now the problem is writing a CV begins with creating a CV template or using a ready made one from one a CV library; both these options require significant amounts of time learning technical skills and ensuring the ‘free’  template from the CV library is the right one. This upfront distraction leads to a rushed writing of content and badly marketed skills and experience. It’s these types of CVs which will leave you unemployed for months on end without an interview in sight.

Getting a job is all about using your time wisely. Focus on what you know best and what will sell you to the recruiter. The format and presentation need to be good but you don’t want to waste time focusing on it. Once you’ve done a first version you definitely need to get your CV reviewed by a professional to ensure you’re using all the right words to sell yourself in the best way possible. Here we provide an easy to use tool which allows you to create the content without worrying about the format - we then review your CV and reword if necessary to ensure you’re selling yourself well.

Having to claim social security after a lifetime of employment is one of the most embarrasing things I had to do (it’s been over 20 years) - and I’ll never be unprepared for being made redundant or losing my job again. Good job hunting to you all.

Prepare your CV Before Being Made Redundant

The Dole Queue at Coldharbour Lane taken form

Cover Letter Length

The recruiter should be able to read the cover letter on one computer screen. If you sent an eMail the same rule applies since if the recruiter has to scroll he / she is more likely to hit the cross and trash your files without a second thought. The goal of any sort of cover letter or eMail is to get the reader to see and read the entire letter. When they first open it or an eMail that contains it they don’t want the extra cognitive workload of having to think about the next page or scrolling down to the next page. The letter / email should be brief providing only a few introduction sentences about yourself followed by 3-5 sentences of any relevant accomplishments or qualifications in bullet-point format. Your cover letter can shoot you in the foot so be very careful not to over do it. You want them looking at your CV so don’t put them off with your cover letter !

Don’t get tempted to tell a lie !

Being a new graduate or a recent school leaver you may be scraping around looking to put down every bit of experience on your CV to fill it up. That’s not a problem as long as it reflects reality but don’t be tempted to stretch the truth. It may seem harmless but even a little white lie can get your in trouble.

I once had a colleague who had lied about the fact he smoked. It really didn’t have any bearing on his ability to do the job but the MD caught him puffing away during a staff party. Needless to say we didn’t see him the next day. The same might happen to you - be careful of what you write on your CV since the information is easily accessible to the employer and normally just takes a phone call to verify.

One of the most despicable forms of deception is to falsify your qualifications - if the employer checks up ( and many do ) then you are a big trouble. A good CV might get you through the door but a well thought out, well designed CV based on facts will keep you in the job.