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"Thanks to your system I started getting loads of interviews. I've now got 2 job offers ! My old CV really let me down." - Emily Johnson.
How to give confidence using your Work History

Many job seekers find the Work History section quite daunting - knowing where to begin, what to include, and the correct format can make or break your job application. 

  • "I have gaps in my work history."
  • "I haven't worked anywhere. I'm looking for my first job."
  • "There's so much to include. I don't know where to start."
  • "How do I put this all down on my CV?"

The work history section must SELL you to the employer.

Just like the rest of your CV, the Work History section should give the employer confidence in your abilities. You can win the reader over by showing:-

  • You have the skills and experience required for the role offered.
  • You have been in positions of  responsibility in the past.
  • You have accomplished tasks of interest to the employer.
  • How your career has progressed.

There are a few guidelines you'll need to follow:-

  • Only include detailed descriptions of jobs from the last ten years.
  • Don't include salary information, or reasons for leaving a job.
  • Don't include every Saturday / weekend job you've ever had.
  • Include your main achievements in the role. Talk about results.
  • Avoid showing  breaks in work, fill them in with volunteer work - self development - career breaks - even having a baby.
  • Start with the most recent job first.
  • Consistent formatting of position.

You wouldn't believe how many people don't start with their most recent position ! Or have used different formatting for different jobs !

Employers just scan CVs picking out interesting bits so you need the format to be consistent and easy to read. Our Work History section allows you to focus on the content of each position - your work history is automatically ordered and formatted leaving you to think about the important bits that will give the reader confidence in your abilities.


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