Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of the most frequently asked questions that other job hunters have asked.

  • If my details change how can I get an updated CV ?

    Simply log in and update your account. The CV links sent to you during the initial setup will be automatically updated with the most recent information you've entered. Your CV subscription is for 1 year so you can make as many updates as you want during this time.

  • Which version of Flash does the Online Flash CV require ?

    The Flash CV has been created using Flash 8.0 and will work on compatible Flash plugs-ins. We can't guarantee that it will work on every system since it's dependant on the local machine configuration. The majority of computers that have the plugin will be able to view the Online Flash CV.

  • Which version of my CV should I send to employers ?

    We advise you always purchase a Microsoft Word CV and also a Flash CV or HTML CV to compliment this. Prospective employers will be impressed and you'll stand out from the crowd.

  • Which browsers are the HTML CVs compatible with ?

    They've been tested on Firefox 2.0 and I.E. 6.0. We can't guarantee that they will work on other browsers but if you report it to us we will put in best efforts to fix any problems.

  • Which Microsoft Word version is the Word CV compatible with ?

    The CV has been created and tested using Word 2000 and will load in compatible editors. We can't gurantee there won't be any formatting issues in these packages or any others. Again if you let us know the problem we'll put in our best efforts to resolve.

  • I don't have Microsoft Word - what can I do ?

    Most computers now come with Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor. If your PC doesn't you can download a Microsoft Word Viewer for free from the Microsoft website.