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Increase the Time Recruiters Spend on Your Curriculum Vitae

CVs are given less than 30 seconds to impress - if they don't they're CHUCKED. You need a personal details section containing a personal profile that grabs the reader's attention.

  • "I sent out a hundred job applications and didn't get a single interview.."
  • "It's pointless making job applications - you only get a good job with inside contacts ..."
  • "Recruitment agents only ring me to get information on my old jobs .... even the best recruitment agents are using these underhanded tactics .. I'm sick of them.. "

Jobseekers say this all the time. If you're making over one hundred job applications using a professional CV layout and still don't get an interview   there must something wrong. The first thing to look at is the personal details section. 

A professional CV is easy CV to read. Your contacts should be obvious and up-to-date. Any professional CV template will place your personal  details immediately after your name. Many recruiters love using email while others call you on your mobile - include both. At a minimum you should have:-

  • Mobile number
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address

After your contact details the all important personal profile is required.

Your personal profile gets your CV noticed.

This should :-

  1. Grab the recruiter's attention.
  2. Have them reading your CV to find out more.
  3. Help the recruiter believe you're the right candidate.
  4. First impressions do last.

A powerful personal profile should summarise your career status, successes, and areas of expertise. It also gives the reader an idea of your work ethics and your personality. By stating your strengths in this way you entice the recruiter into reading the rest of your CV.   

Like the rest of your CV the personal details section should be formatted perfectly. If there are mistakes the recruiter will probably stop reading it - they've got hundreds to look through. Our pre-formatted templates can help create a perfect CV format in minutes. A summary profile, included in the personal details section, gives the reader a snapshot of your career and key objectives, thus enticing the reader into reading the rest of your CV.

Don't waste opportunities - use a professional CV. Increase your interview chances, create an account by clicking start.