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Tell the Reader What Your Major Achievements Have Been

You know you're good and you've achieved big things in your past roles - but does your CV tell the reader that. Here are some real examples of the types of things you may have accomplished:-

  • increased sales by half a million, 
  • saved the company several hundred thousand, 
  • managed a 50 man project, 
  • had the most sales for two years running, 
  • finished the building on time even though there were major problems

To get an INTERVIEW and finally the JOB, you need to have your achievements on your CV.

Your potential employer has no idea of your accomplishments unless you tell them. The first opportunity you get to impress is your CV. Every employer wants to hire someone who'll be "value for money" - you need to make sure you tell the reader you are.

From our experiences in the recruitment world we know that an achievements section gets results. It tells the employer what you can do for them - "Wow, how did he do that?" or "That much - he must be doing something better than us?"

Your achievements tell EMPLOYERS what YOU can do for them.

For full effect each achievement should: -

    1) Be truthful and believable - don't lie you'll get found out.
    2) Put a figure on it - savings, profit, people, time spent.
    3) Applicable to the type of role you want.

Our online system makes it easy to create this section by providing an easy to user interface in which you can create and modify your achievements. The great thing is you can log back in and add new ones or modify existing ones as many times as you want.

Don't waste opportunities - use a professional CV. Increase your interview chances, create an account by clicking start.