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You're worth a million dollars - but is your CV saying that ?

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Your CV is used to get you an interview - without it you won't even be considered for the job. You need a CV that gets results. You need a CV that tells the reader you're worth a million dollars.

Did you know ?

  • Employers spend less than 30 seconds per CV.
  • A professionally formatted CV can land you the job.
  • An online CV can make a difference. 
  • Your CV shows how much you're worth.

Your CV needs to be the one readers remember, the one that is unique, the one that is worthy of an interview.

In the past 15 years we've worked with hundreds of job seekers and recruiters. We know what works on a CV, and what doesn't. Our system takes the hard work out of creating a professionally, formatted CV.

Focus on the important things.

Don't waste weeks losing valuable opportunities learning how to use advanced Word features to format your CV.. 

The CV Genie system takes the hard work out of writing a CV.

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  • 24 hours access.
  • Unlimited changes immediately updated.
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  • Reviewed by one of our consultants if required.
  • Unique URL for use in Emails, business cards, and letterheads.
Click below to preview a CV. You can use the traditional Word CV or increase your chances further and also try an online Web CV.

Don't waste opportunities using an amateur CV. Increase your chances in getting an interview, create a FREE account by clicking start.
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